1. Is working with a home remodeling service provider worth the money?

Yes, it is absolutely worth the money! The service providers are keen with regards to handpicking professionals to handle projects. You will be able to save time and energy. You will be spared from stress and unnecessary costs due to mistakes. Lastly, you will be assured that your project will be carried out smoothly, with results exceeding expectations.

2. How much should I budget for a home remodeling?

When we talk about home remodeling, the process is very much complicated. There are no projects which are almost the same. Given the original structure of homes, the work that the project requires to be done, the differences between the needs and wants of the clients plus their tastes, costs hugely vary.
To give you figures, a 2000 sq ft home can cost about $50,000. For 3000 sq ft and 4000 sq ft homes, average cost of $75,000 and $100,000, respectively.

3. How much will it cost me to renovate my kitchen? What about my bathroom?

Costs may vary from one home to another. However, kitchens alone may cost you about $25,000. With regards to bathrooms, it may cost you around $10,000. Both figures reported still depend on the current condition of both home areas.

4. How long will my project take?

The duration of a project is challenging to estimate without any design. The scope of work per project must be considered for that. For most project agreements, an approximation of start date and end date may be discussed during the design phase.

5. Will you help me with my plan during the design phase of my project?

Concerning your plan, you will be assisted by the team that is going to handle the project. Present your plan to the team, and suggestions will be given to you. This is where the work will begin. Your requests and concerns will be addressed accordingly during project meetings. Also, if you want us to do your plan for you, that is absolutely fine as well.

6. When is the best time to start remodeling my house?

The time to start remodeling your home depends on the scope of work of the project and the aspect of the projects which may be dependent on the weather condition. For example, roofing homes should be done on warm, calm, and dry weather.

7. Can I stay in my house while work is being done?

If the project only affects an area of the house, you may definitely stay there even if work is ongoing! Some projects may require you to temporarily leave your home. This is the moment when you have to stay elsewhere in the meantime. You just have to consider how much work your project requires for you to determine whether staying in or out of your home benefits it in any way.

8. Will I get to receive updates while you are working?

Definitely, yes! The team that is established to handle your project will continuously communicate with you. You may receive updates depending on your preferred set-up. You may request for project meetings to be done other than consultations through phone or email. For your concerns and requests along the way, you may directly let them know.


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