Remodeling and renovation are two similar but different words commonly used when we think about beautifying our home. There is a fine line between the two, and yet they are used interchangeably. Remodeling refers to creating something new out of what we have, or changing and transforming the look of our space into a new one. Turning an old den into a new bedroom is a prime example of remodeling. Renovation, on the other hand, refers primarily to “restoration”. Fixing wall problems, replacing cabinet knobs, and retiling bathroom floors are what commonly constitutes renovations.

So which of the two should you opt for? Cost-wise, remodeling and renovating can have similar impacts on your wallet. When you remodel a space, you have to buy things or furniture that can be used to adorn the new space. You may need to add more fixtures like a toilet or a sink depending on what you are turning the space into. There are a lot of items in your house that you may reuse, but buying furniture for remodeling is essentially the same as outfitting a whole new room.

The cost of renovations, on the other hand, largely depends on the extent of the damage on your house. A few broken tiles on your bathroom floor isn’t going to cost you as much as having your upstairs toilet cave in on your kitchen. When it comes to renovations, don’t wait for so long before you do it – or else it’s going to cost you more.

Both remodeling and renovating are great ideas when it comes to sprucing up your home. But a word of caution – doing it yourself may sound nice and doable, but it could cost you a lot of time, money, and wasted effort. Consult with professionals who are fully equipped and trained to give you results that are worth your money.

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